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"Redefining The Educational Pipeline”

About Us

We founded Always RepresentED to help shift the narrative on "How and Why" first-generation and underserved students choose colleges and universities.

Our Goal

We aim to help universities and colleges better align their DEI policies and practices to improve the culture, opportunities, and outcomes for first-generation and low-income students.

What We Do

We leverage data aggregation techniques to increase the pipeline and develop DEI-focused strategies and initiatives for first-generation and low-income students from marginalized communities.

Using our readily-available data, colleges and universities can make informed decisions to better support first-generation and low-income students of color.

Culture, Opportunity & Outcomes

This is Why

Statistics show that companies with above-average racial and gender diversity and inclusiveness have higher levels of employee engagement and outperform companies with below-average diversity and engagement by 46%-58%, this is also true for higher education institutions.

There is a 16% gap in immediate college enrollment rates between high and low-income students. These disparities contribute to the racial wealth gap.

33% of first-generation students leave college within three years of starting due to culture fit and Inequitable Access to Resources.

The median household income for households headed by a first-generation college graduate ($99,600) is substantially lower than the income for households headed by a second-generation graduate ($135,800).

Students Share Their Perspectives On Making a Difference On Campus

Aga Key
CEO + Founder

About Aga

BS in Business Marketing,
Norfolk State University

MS in Computer Science, Virginia State University.

Favorite Quote: " If the VISION was impossible, you never would have received it”

Aric Slaughter
CTO & Founder

About Aric
BS in Mechanical Engineering +
MS in Software Engineering,
North Carolina A&T.

We are also sure he belongs on the Masked Singer.

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